Press release 2021-06-10

O’Learys launches Social Eatertainment Group – to become number one within eatertainment in Europe

O’Learys now announces Social Eatertainment Group. This follows the recent news that O’Learys acquired the Swedish restaurant and bar chain Harrys; the first of several planned acquisitions and joint ventures. The goal is for Social Eatertainment Group to become Europe’s leading eatertainment company with chain sales above €1 billion in 2025.

The eatertainment company O’Learys, based in Sweden, now forms Social Eatertainment Group, for further expansion both in Sweden and in the rest of Europe. The main focus for Social Eatertainment Group, which today owns the two brands O’Learys and Harrys, is to become an established leader within eatertainment – i.e. food and drinks in combination with social games, activities, events and sports – something that CEO Kenneth Lorentzen believes will be more important than ever after times of social distancing and digital meetings.

– We are convinced that eatertainment venues and spending time with friends and colleagues will become an even more important part of people’s lives in the future. We offer fun and welcoming places to meet and hang out, for families, friends, and colleagues. We also have an attractive offer for restaurant owners, with guests who stay longer, thus also spend more time and money at the venues, says Kenneth Lorentzen, CEO at Social Eatertainment Group.

Social Eatertainment Group is aiming to have at least 400 venues in 2025. Today, the group has more than 130 venues, currently consisting of the brands O’Learys and recently acquired Harrys, with several other venues and brands underway. There are several openings planned within the group in 2021, in for instance Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, and Spain. Social Eatertainment Group also wants to be the spokesperson and driving force within eatertainment industry, as well as quickly pick up different trends and innovations.

– We want to push the eatertainment industry forward and we want to partner up with attractive eatertainment brands who are looking to accelerate their growth plans and who have a strong vision for their brand, just like we do. We have more than 30 years of experience in the industry, successfully building international presence and scale through own operations and franchising. We have a unique position with extensive know-how, vast network and strong purchasing position all which will be made available to our partners within the group, continues Kenneth Lorentzen.

O’Learys was founded in 1988 and the brand offers an energetic social eatertainment experience with a blend of broadcasted sports, games, and activities in an American inspired setting. With the acquisition of Harrys, Social Eatertainment Group added a new pillar to the portfolio with a well-known brand that has managed to mix a nice Swedish food experience with social activities such as dinners shows, theme evenings and wine tastings.