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News 2022-11-22

Social Eatertainment Group presents Eatertainment Report 2022 

Spontaneity and more activities when Swedes go out to have fun. Spontaneously and social activities are more popular than a classic restaurant visit, shows a new report from Social Eatertainment Group. A deep dive into Post-pandemic preferences and behaviour is presented by Social Eatertainment Group in the first of its kind, our newly produced Eatertainment Report (In Swedish). 

 News 2022-09-14

Real Estate Seminar for property owners at O’Learys Norrtull – Thursday 13.10 

Social Eatertainment Group (SEG) hereby invites you to our real estate seminar on the 13th of October 2022 at O’Learys Norrtull, Sveavägen 143, 113 46 Stockholm, between 15:00 to 16:30. In the seminar we will tell you more about our eatertainment concepts and why this is a society trend that is changing the restaurant industry and the need for leasing properties. On account thereof we have the great honor to present, the first of its kind, our newly produced Eatertainment Report. 

Press release 2021-08-19

Social Eatertainment Group expands rapidly – adds successful karaoke brand Sing Sing to the portfolio

The newly formed Social Eatertainment Group, owning O’Learys and Harrys, now announces the acquisition of a significant minority stake in the popular Swedish karaoke brand Sing Sing. This further strengthens the Group’s portfolio and vision to be leading in Europe within eatertainment – i.e. food and drinks in combination with social games, activities, events and sports.

 News 2021-08-03

Eatertainment webinars for property owners – Tuesday 24.8 & Friday 27.8

You are invited to a webinar about eatertainment and the latest eatertainment trends for property owners. Eatertainment, i.e. combing food and beverage with social activities and activations, is a market segment that will have huge growth post-covid expected to grow faster than the overall restaurant industry and opportunity to leverage former retail space and drive consumers to malls and downtown locations and make them the natural meeting places they were before the pandemic.

Pressrelease 2021-06-10

O’Learys launches Social Eatertainment Group – to become number one within eatertainment in Europe

O’Learys now announces Social Eatertainment Group. This follows the recent news that O’Learys acquired the Swedish restaurant and bar chain Harrys; the first of several planned acquisitions and joint ventures. The goal is for Social Eatertainment Group to become Europe’s leading eatertainment company with chain sales above €1 billion in 2025.

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