At Social Eatertainment Group we strive to deliver great guest experiences at our venues with food, drinks, service and eatertainment. To succeed to deliver great guest experiences we need to create venues that reflects our ambition, this goes from the interior to the ingredients in the recipes of dishes and drinks and anything in between. Therefor our suppliers are in the heart of our business and procurement is one of our supporting pillars to create great guest experience.

As our business model is partly franchise our procurement and sourcing procedure varies per market and for each country depending on our presence and partnership together with our franchisees.

Sourcing products and services to our venues at O’Learys and Harrys

When we at Social Eatertainment Group, or our franchisee´s, source products and services of different categories we follow national laws, local regulations, and other governmental stipulations that effect supply chain, production, and sourcing. Together with our franchisees we have an extensive network of companies that deliver and produce according to our demands in the different markets.  We strive in our partnership with suppliers to have a joint ambition in the 10 UN principles of UN Global compact. The principles cover:

  • Human Rights
  • Labour
  • Environment
  • Anti-corruption

Social Eatertainment Group Supplier Code of Conduct _ link PDF (work in progress, brand specific version will be available in February 2022)

In Sweden, our largest market with approximately 100 venues, we are proud to collaborate with suppliers that has taken an extensive ambition in sustainability and helps us improve in our journey towards increased sustainable procurement. Our contract with largest impact of our total value of supply chain are our wholesaler and brewery.

Wholesaler Martin & Servera –

Brewer Carlsberg Sweden* –

*Excluding travel locations, airports and train stations, operated by SSP Sweden

Commitments and projects

Food and Beverage

Green and plant-based Food & Beverage offers; at our venues there are always full possibility to have plant-based meal (vegan or vegetarian). Local adaptation in different markets, please contact your local restaurant if questions.

Social Eatertainment Group have adopted the European Chicken Commitment (ECC). Link  European Chicken Commitment. We are committed to reach the ECC standards by 2026 for all our venues in the Nordic region. In Sweden we will go further and ensure that at least 20 % of our chicken meat volume comes from farms that meet these criteria and guarantee the animals’ access to free range (outdoor access).


Since 2020 we launched a program of new process opening a new venue; convert existing locations with smart re-usage of interior and material, instead of traditionally aiming for all new interiors. In this way we work wisely to lower our carbon footprint, up-side is also that the respect for material results in lower capex for investors in new venues.

Transport, logistics and packaging

Our ambition is to constant strive to find solutions and suppliers that gives synergies in deliveries to our venues. To decrease the number of transporters for our goods with the ambition to lower our carbon footprint venue by venue. We embrace innovation in packaging as smarter decline in total weight and increase % of re-cycled material in the inner and outer material.

Social Eatertainment Group has year-long agreements with our suppliers. If you want to get in touch with us and offer a service or other collaboration, we ask you to email If your proposal is interesting, we will get in touch. If you do not hear anything, there is no interest right now.